The story of NIKKIN

You know the feeling? Fresh cut grass.. the smell of warm air..sun tinkles my face... and I am just playing golf with friends.. How can I extend this feeling off the golf course? How can I express my passion and excitement for the sports away from all golf? 

I imagined and an idea of golf lifestylewear was born... I wanted something chic, highest quality, with sports theme, something I will love to wear anywhere... out with the dog, to a BBQ party, to the movies... in my time off when I am not actively playing. Just like that an idea turned into first drawings, to first real deisgns and now here we are! What an opportunity to share all of it with other sports loving people and players.  

With passion for sports anywhere..

Founder of NIKKIN

NIKKIN - lifestylewear with unique design

Original prints and quality SLOW FASHION concept is what the brand NIKKIN represents. We create for the whole sporty family - for women, men and kids. First came the golf collection (now available in our online store), we are planning to add more sports categories and to expand our product line. Thank you for supporting our brand. Thanks to you we can grow.